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Sentis-AG is a dairy company which was established in December 1996. It is indeed a very well run company which has shown an enormous progress when compared to the very first years of its founding. It is particular an initiative of the four members of the family, who are nowadays shareholders in this enterprise.

While the evolution and growth is always as a result of the hard work, the owners have always a special reserved recognition to the Swiss firm “MTS” which supported them as a developing firm since the very start in terms of moral, conceptual and materials needed for the realization of their activities and are doing the same even nowadays. This company has also provided Sentis-AG with all the modern technology for milk processing, the first in the district of Tetovo, the systems of pasteurization, sterilization and homogenization of milk.

Since its establishment in 1996, the raw material in this company has always been and obviously always will be milk. During its first years, the company has only focused on the production of milk, clabber and yogurt, with not more than six employees operating in the company. Normally, a lower output was generated in the beginning years, and as expected, the productivity in the years later increased which also allowed the management to shift focus on other products to enlarge the market share.

In 1998 white cheese and many other types of cheese including the Edam Cheese, where given a very important focus. While slowly increasing the labor force, proportionally the output in production was also increased. By 1998, the company claims to have been producing as much as ten tons of cheese, daily.

Later in 1999, total production took a strong shift towards larger units in all of the previously mentioned products, where a production from 4 tons per day increased to 15 tons per day. Arguably, this is considered to be the companies’ first step towards huge achievements in their business as a whole.

It was in 2006 when the company first introduced their UHT milk (ultra-high-temperature), with a capacity of 50 tons per day, but as the company claims, a change in inventory space was needed to make this possible.

In 2010, the firm has invested greatly in a new machine for the production of around 50 tons of UHT milk (slim packaging).

In 2012, the company had set a new focal point in their production, where for the first time since their existence, milk wasn’t the raw material needed to achieve an output. Fruit juices such as orange juice, apple juice, multivitamin and peach juice were firstly introduced in the market.

As the years have passed, the company has claimed to have had a significant increase in production. Now it produces 30 different products and its one of the biggest dairy companies in Macedonia, and it’s present even in the Kosova’s market.


To connect technological innovation with consumer demands and to provide an added value for all our products to each and every client.

Our company’s strategy is to always maintain a focus to ensure Sentis AG stays as a corporation that provides long-lasting, affordable and quality products to our customers.  By creating a trusting relationship with our customers, we have been able to instill a culture of supply and innovation within Sentis AG. Our end goal by implementing this strategy is for our products to be present everywhere our customers are and to be the first choice for them.

Our vision is to become an important part of every meal for our client, within Macedonia and the wider region. In addition to this, we aim to become one of top 5 food production companies in Macedonia and in the region by 2018.





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ALPI milk is a very rich source of nutrition. It is broduced by carefully selected milk from cows which grazing on the pasture lend surrounded with woods, pure air and health water. This product deserves to be first choice for consumers.

Yoghurt & Cultured Milk


In touch with the pace of modern life, Alpi Drinkable yoghurts are especially handy as a quick drink when you are on the go or somewhere out, at the same time providing your body with the beneficial calcium, proteins and yoghurt cultures.


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Sentis-AG produces various kinds of cheese in own wide range of products, including Cow’s milk white cheese, Mixed cheese, Gauda, Kashkaval, Edamer and tradicional Solid cheese.


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